A to Z of Islam

A to Z of Islam

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A concise dictionary of Islamic history, religion, philosophy and political movements.

This book is a handy quick-reference on the message and spread of Islam from its beginnings in Mecca and Medina in the 6th century to its growth into a major world religion.

Various aspects of Islam are covered in crisp, alphabetically arranged entries, spanning its history, religion, philosophy and political and spiritual movements, including:

  • The essential articles of Islamic faith and way of life
  • Sources of Islamic law and theology
  • The different Islamic schools of philosophy
  • Shi’ite and Sunni Muslims; and other sects and communities
  • Influential Islamic theologians, scholars, political and cultural leaders
  • Islamic traditions, prayers and pilgrimages, beliefs, rituals and ceremonies
  • Important Islamic cultural, religious and historic centres
  • Significant political developments, military battles and important Islamic dynasties.

The book will equally enable readers to understand and put in perspective contemporary philosophical trends as also social and political responses by Islamic movements to issues of 21st-century politics, such as the inroads of Westernization in the Islamic world.

A chronology highlights important Islamic milestones till the end of the 20th century. The book is rounded-off with a comprehensive bibliography which guides interested readers to in-depth knowledge resources on various topics.

Book Details

ISBN: 9788170945413
Author: Ludwig W. Adamec
Pages: 328
Format: Paperbacks
Language: English
Imprint: Vision Book