Profitable Elliott Wave Trading Strategies

Profitable Elliott Wave Trading Strategies

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Elliott Wave Principle represents the most dramatic advancement in price forecasting since investors began attempting to anticipate the price movement of tulip bulbs on the Amsterdam Exchange during the seventeenth century. – Robert C Beckman

How to make money using market-proven Elliott Wave trading strategies.

Elliott Wave Theory is one of the most enduring — and intriguing — forms of technical analysis. Its adherents hold that the theory is unsurpassed in its ability to predict the direction of financial markets. This book presents tried and market-tested trading strategies based on Elliott Wave Theory. Followed with discipline and correct understanding, these strategies can help you trade the stock market profit.

The book starts with a concise introduction to Elliott Wave Theory, and an explanation of its various key building blocks. It then focusses on three proven market-tested trading strategies. Each trading strategy is explained in detail with entry, stop loss and exit rules — and illustrated with real-life examples from the Indian market. Find out:

  • The key concepts of Elliott Wave Theory
  • Wave Principle: Dominant and corrective trends
  • What fractals are and how they simplify the recognition of the nature and count of waves
  • Rules and guidelines for trading Elliott Waves
  • How Fibonacci sequence and relationships help determine the likely length of waves and their retracements
  • 3 market-proven trading strategies explained in detail
  • Plus: 100 real-life examples, with charts, from the Indian markets.
Book Details
  • Author: Rakesh Bansal
  • Format: Paperback
  • Language: English
  • Pages: 208
  • ISBN-13: 978938626837
  • Imprint: Vision Books