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Ordered to Laugh

Sudhir Mudgal

Ordered to Laugh

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There are no known exceptions to the old and well known dictum — laughter is the best medicine. Be it high blood pressure, diabetes, strokes, heart disease, or any other stress-related condition, laughter and a healthy sense of humour is the treatment.

The 'homour' in the armed forces is good-natured, it makes fun and may seem disrespectful, but it never is. It may seem abusive, but it is never offensive.

Sudhir Mudgal is the pseudonym of a serving officer of the Indian Army. He is an alumni of IIT, Delhi and CFTRI, Mysore and has represented the country at the U.N conferences on various  ethical issues relating to Science and Technology. He has a highly developed sense of humour, a creative bent of mind, and an enviable record of creativity in advertising, painting and cartooning. Many of his paintings have found a ready market in the corporate world and at the DRDO Bhawan in New Delhi.

"Service personnel have jokes to share at the bar in the evenings — some originals, some on their bosses and some on the foolishness of certain orders... It is said that a person who can laugh on oneself is a gifted individual and a person who cannot laugh/smile is cursed." — Air Chief Marshall S K Sareen (Former Chief of the Air Staff, Indian Air Force)


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