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Modi: Making of a Prime Minister

Vivian Fernandes

Modi: Making of a Prime Minister

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Foreword Raghav Bahl , Founder - Network 18

The people of India have delivered a 'no regrets, no excuses' result. They want the job done, they have chosen the man to do it, and given him everything he needs.

It is a vote for hope and aspiration, cutting across age, caste and regional divides. After a long time there is new optimism in India — of high growth, massive job creation, purposive governance and one which believes in 'Action not Acts (legislations)'.

Modi has lent a certain sex appeal to Indian politics. He has his own distinctive sartorial style. He is fluent in the use of information technology and social media. His team is liberally populated with software engineers and management graduates. He is brilliant and a meticulous CEO who listens and then empowers his team.

There is little that Modi says or does that remains unknown. Perhaps no other Indian politician has been as much in the public eye. Some see him as India's deliverer; others find him troubling.

He does not tolerate dissent but few leaders do. Despite his faults, discrediting his achievements in no way to attack his politics.

Modi has ideas, energy and Chinese-like audacity in implementation. If Modi gets the job he covets, he will have a unique opportunity to unite Indians in joint endeavour for national greatness. Modi is a great learner; he has it in him to remake India for the better.

Modi is pro-business, not necessarily pro-market. He is a liberalizer; a measured one unlike NDA's Vajpayee. Modi does not believe in privatization. Instead, he tries to make them profitable by giving bureaucrats a free hand, and keeping politicians away. He is the most vocal articulator of minimum government, though not to be confused with minimal government.

Offbeat ideas, new technologies and an unconventional approach mark Modi's focussed approach to performance.

Vivian Fernandes has been a journalist for thirty years. For the first ten years he was with publications like The Hindustan Times, the Observer, and India Today. The rest he spent in business news practice at the Network 18 group which is known for its pioneering retail investor service. He has been taking a keen interest in economic policy and governance and has been a regular visitor to Gujarat since 2008.has been a journalist for over 30 years with Hindustan Times, India Today and Network 18.

"The Modi phenomenon is one of the more fascinating aspects of contemporary Indian politics. By focusing on the political economy of Gujarat and the leadership style of Modi, Vivian unravels the key elements in his rise to the position of Prime Minister. This book is timely and relevant..." — Rajdeep Sardesai

"This book is refreshing change from most of the books in the market as it recognizes Modi's leadership and parts where he was not much successful without being biased." — Organiser

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