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Little-Big Book of Science in 100 Words

Surendra Verma

Little-Big Book of Science in 100 Words

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The book presents in 100 words, terms and concepts in science that every school and college student ought to know. The words selected for the book represent the kind of vocabulary that a person who is literate in science should understand. The words are not the most fundamental scientific terms that are the substance of textbooks. Rather, the words featured are both essential to understanding science's powerful explanations and interesting in their own right.

A big attraction of the book is that these words or terms were selected by student themselves. As such, these may not be the most basic scientific words, but were still categorized as necessary, essential and future oriented by students.

"Overall, a worthwhile and an interesting book. Explanations for each term are complete and informative. It is a nice, compact, essential reading for high school and college students — especially those who could use some honing up on their science. I hope the book would provoke thinking, discussion, and even spur people to pursue further topics they find interesting." — Dr. Sujit S Gupta, Guwahati Univ. and Graz Univ., Austria

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