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Life Changers: Dreamers and Doers

Robert H Schuller

Life Changers: Dreamers and Doers

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"I am often asked what are the most impressive, informative and inspirational books I have read, and what books have I been reading this year? I answer both the questions in one word; 'Persons.'

I watch people. I learn from them. I 'read' people's word and their work, their play and their prayer. I read their hurts and their hopes, their success and their failures, their dreams and their disappointments, their sin and their salvation. I 'read' them as I listen to them while we sit and have fellowship; while they deliberate, debate or dictate. In doing so their life story is unfolded. In doing so I am reading the books that haven't been written yet.

This is one such book. A book of dreamers and doers; of faith builders, the optimism generators, the let's-make-it-happen' people." — Robert H Schuller

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