Lajwanti and Other Stories - Book Published by Orient Paperbacks

Lajwanti and Other Stories

Mulk Raj Anand
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'Mr Anand has a marvellous power of evoking an immense varied life as it bubbles in front of his eyes, without once losing contact with his characters... Anand's picture is real, comprehensive, and subtle, and the shifts in moods, from farce to comedy, from pathos to tragedy, and from realistic to the poetic, are remarkable.' — V S Pritchett, British Literary Critic

'With great deftness, Anand pictures India...' — Books Abroad, USA

In Lajwanti, Mulk Raj Anand focuses on a woman's predicament and struggle to find an identity for herself. Frustrated by a rigid pattern of social relationships, gender bias, religious bigotry and her own petty human foibles, her abject condition serves as a metaphor for sacrifice and servility which form the thematic heart of these stories.

Book Details
Format: Paperback
Language: English
Pages: 120

  • Lajwanti — Dedicated to Roshan Marker
  • The Tamarind Tree — Dedicated to Satyajit Ray
  • The Priest and the Pigeons — Dedicated to M S Randhawa
  • Lady Bountiful — Dedicated to Shankar Pillai
  • The Hiccup — Dedicated to Keki Masani
  • The Brothers — Dedicated to Pandit Shiv Sharma
  • At What Price, My Brothers? — Dedicated to R K Karanjia
  • Anjali Hasta — Dedicated to Roshan Vajifdar
  • The Man Who Was Too Honest for His Job — Dedicated to Rashpal Malhotra
  • Mother — Dedicated to George Keyt
  • Torrents of Wrath — Dedicated to K B Vaid
  • The Silver Bangles — Dedicated to Krishna Chopra