Indian Religious Thought - Book Published by Orient Paperbacks

Indian Religious Thought

Dr. S Radhakrishnan
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Thematic essays on Indian religious thought which brilliantly trace the evolution and development of the pluralistic Indian religious tradition.

In the words of Dr. Radhakrishnan, 'The fundamental concepts of Indian religious thought reflects both God and man... religion is a life to be lived, not a theory to be accepted or a belief to be adhered to...' Religion requires to be interpreted 'according to its meaning and not according to its lisping expression'.

Thematic essays on:

  • Indian Religious Thoughts
  • The Heart of Hinduism — Tradition and Character
  • The Hindu Dharma
  • The Spiritual Vision
  • The Influence of Islam
  • Hindu Thought and Christian Doctrine
  • Pursuit of Wisdom, Practice of Compassion
  • The Concept of Self-Possessino
  • The Living Voice of Prophets
  • Religion as a Living Institution in India

"Indian religions are not exclusive minded. They are ready to allow that there may be alternative approaches to the mystery. Thus catholic minded Indian religious spirit is the way of salvation for all religions in an age in which we have to learn to live as a single family if we are not to destroy ourselves." — Arnold Toynbee