In the Wonderland of Mathematics

In the Wonderland of Mathematics

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Come, discover joy and learning in the magical world of numbers.

"I have had an obsessive liking for mathematical puzzles right from my childhood," says the co-author of this book, Mr. A. N. Shanbhag. "And over the years I have collected challenging puzzles, curiosities, paradoxes, illusions and everything related to the magic of numbers. This has been my precious possession. I want to share this treasure with all of you."

And it is indeed a sumptuous treasure house of fun and learning for the young and old alike that the authors have laid out in this book. There are scores of engrossing riddles to tackle, involving different aspects of mathematics and logic. There are intriguing and challenging Tricky Traps, Brain Teasers, Finding Day for Date, Optical Illusions, Magic Squares, Binary Magic and Missing Number Puzzles!

The chapters on Vedic Maths, Mathematics of Investment and Improving Your Memory will teach you some nifty new tricks and skills. From the first page to the last, the book offers enjoyment and entertainment for hobbyists and those who like to stretch their minds. And, for students the book is both extremely useful and most educative.

In the Wonderland of Mathematics is a fall-in-love book for anyone intrigued by the wondrous and magical world of numbers.

Book Details
Author: A N Shanbhag, Sandeep Shanbhag
Format: Paperback
Pages: 200
Language: English


A N Shanbhag is a bestselling author and a very widely syndicated columnist on personal finance and taxation. Mathematics is his passionate pursuit.