Resist imitation and live the unlimited life God has for you.

In his signature style, John Mason inspires you to have the courage to live as God created you to live. Easy-to-read-and-remember nuggets of truth fill every page, encouraging, challenging and motivating you to a more fulfilling life, including:

  • Dare to be who you are.
  • Learn to be comfortable with big dreams.
  • Failure is waiting to the path of least persistence.
  • Success comes from daring to take small steps.
  • Fina a way to, not a way not to.

'Your life makes a difference. There are no unimportant people. God won't ask me why I wasn't Joshua or Billy, but why I wasn't John Mason.'


John Mason is an international bestselling author, author-coach, and a noted speaker. He's the founder and president of Insight International and Insight Publishing Group, both dedicated to helping people achieve their dream and fulfill their destinies.

He has authored fifteen books, including Imitation is Limitation, Impossible is Possible, You're Born an Original Don't Die a Copy and An Enemy Called Average, which collectively have sold in millions of copies and have been translated into thirty-five languages. His books are widely regarded as a source of wisdom, motivation, and practical principles. He has been published in Reader's Digest and numerous other national and international publications.

Known for his quick wit, powerful thoughts, and insightful ideas, he's a popular speaker around the world.