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How to Save Income Tax Through Tax Planning (AY: 2017-2018)

R N Lakhotia

How to Save Income Tax Through Tax Planning (AY: 2017-2018)

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Practical and time-tested methods for saving income tax.

Every year, the Union Budget changes some tax laws or the other. Which means every year you need expert guidance to figure out your best tax-saving options because while some tax reliefs may be obvious — others are buried in fine print.

Every year, India's top taxation experts, R N Lakhotia and Subhash Lakhotia provide you just that — all the best tax-saving solutions that you can profitably use, all packed in this bestselling tax guide.

Find out how you can reduce taxes:

Tax saving through full claim of tax exemptions, deductions and rebates
How to reduce tax on your salary
How to save tax on income from house property
How to save tax on capital gains
How to save tax through gifts and trusts
How to compute your taxable income
Filing your income tax return — the easy way
Tax planning for different stages of life
How to plan your investments to minimise taxes.

Packed with practical examples and expert guidance, this book is India's most trusted tax-saving guide. And, remember, tax saved is additional money in your bank — to spend or invest as you want.

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