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How to Be Your Own Best Friend

Dr. Paul Hauck

How to Be Your Own Best Friend

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Try and imagine that your life is drawing to a close. You're lying on your bed reflecting on what you've achieved. Ask yourself if you've really enjoyed life? Are you glad you were born? Have you had a good time? Are your friends and loved ones truly sorry to see you go, and will you be missed?

Can you in all honesty say to yourself: 'It's been nice. It's been exciting. I made the most of it? If you can, you do not suffer from self-neglect.

Ask most people what they understand by self-neglect and they'll tell you things like not brushing your teeth twice a day, or not taking regular baths. Although these aspects of self-neglect are important, this book uses the term in a much wider sense. People who suffer from self-neglect feel guilty about taking interest in themselves. Self-neglect often leads to fear of rejection, self-distrust, and laziness.

Those who look after their interests have better control over their lives and fare better in this world than those who don't. They are the real winners.

These are the facts of life, not necessarily fair. Learn to be firm and assertive when life so demands. Put yourself first.

This is the message of the book.

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