Healing with Gems and Crystals - Book Published by Orient Paperbacks

Healing with Gems and Crystals

Daya Sarai Chocron
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Crystal therapy has long been used as a gentle, non-invasive system of holistic healing with no side effects.

By drawing on the wisdom of ancient sages and over millennia of rich experience, it is accepted that precious stones - from ruby, opal and coral to malachite, lapis lazuli and moonstone - possess unique qualities to strengthen the inherent healing processes within us. These stones also balance the energy fields around our body, our homes and offices thus facilitating a wholesome and a healthy living environment to promote our well-being.

Crystals and gemstones can help soothe emotional problems such as anxiety, mood swings, or shyness, as well as relieve physical symptoms of migraines, allergies, poor circulation, and sluggish digestive health. In addition, precious stones act as natural energy boosters and aid in detoxifying our body systems and add years of buoyant health to our life.

Also included in the book are breathing and meditation techniques used in tandem with gems and crystals.