Dhyan Chand: A Story of Focus

Dhyan Chand: A Story of Focus

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Discover the fascinating and heartening people who have led extraordinary lives with the hope and courage to dream.

Major Dhyan Chand (29 August 1905 – 3 December 1979), known as The Wizard or The Magician of hockey for his superb ball control, was an Indian field hockey player widely regarded as the greatest field hockey player in history and one of the greatest players of all time according to Britannica Encyclopaedia. BBC called him the "hockey's equivalent of Muhammad Ali".

Dhyan Chand was single minded and focused on his goal and could see a field the way a chess player sees the Board. Read about how he created magic on the field and brought our country great glory.

The books to inspire series from Tota books hopes to awaken young minds to new possibilities.


Falguni Gokhale is a graphic designer and an illustrator from National Institute of Design, India. She is based in Pune, India.

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Language: English
Format: Paperback
Reading Age: 5 - 10 years