A to Z of Hinduism

A to Z of Hinduism

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This is a unique, quick-reference book on what is probably the world’s oldest major religion. The reach of this book is as wide as that of Hinduism itself, covering in alphabetically arranged entries:
  • The historical evolution of Hinduism
  • Cultural practices and popular beliefs
  • Philosophical ideas and religious thought
  • Mythology and rituals
  • Important religious figures and events
  • Major Hindu scriptures and concepts
  • Pilgrimage sites and sacred places
  • Hindu art, literature and architecture
  • The different sects and spiritual paths.

A succinct chronology provides a timeline of Hinduism’s evolution over four-and-a-half millennia.

This is a wonderful book for anyone interested in knowing about or understanding the essentials of Hinduism. Equally, it is of exceptional value for modern Hindus who seek to better understand the context and background of their culture and way of life amidst rapid modernization.

A marvellously useful book . . . Sullivan has the gift of lucid prose and a keen sense of important points needed to explain the overall importance of a topic . . . masterfully selected . . . . Each entry is clearly presented and gives evidence of his deep scholarship. Highly recommended. — Choice, USA

Well written . . . (even) the most difficult concepts are explained with refreshing lucidity . . . an excellent source of information on Hindu religion and culture. — Religious Studies Review, USA


BRUCE M. SULLIVAN is professor of religious studies and Asian studies at Northern Arizona University, USA. He has published professional articles in the Journal of American Academy of Religion, Asian Theatre Journal, Literature and Theology, International Journal of Hindu Studies, Annals of the Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute and the Journal of Vaisnava Studies. He has served in various capacities in the American Academy of Religion, and has been active in the Association for Asian Studies and the American Oriental Society.