These are not easy times. We are living through an unprecedented lockdown not witnessed in living memory. All of us are together in this adversity. Disease knows no friends. People will suffer yet live to fight for the next day and eventually conquer this global pandemic.

Life in the times of Lockdown: Stories of Courage, Kindness and Humanity is an endeavour to put together a collection of living stories with a positive outlook in these difficult times.

All of us have been witness to ordinary people going out and accomplishing extra-ordinary deeds of kindness and generosity without giving a thought to their own health and even putting their family’s well-being at risk.

Just pause and think!

The examples are living around us. People of grit and determination; people who believe in kindness; committed to the principle of simple living – bringing out the best of human qualities. These maybe ward-boys and nursing staff or ambulance drivers, doctors or sanitary workers, NGOs delivering meals to the crowded slums around urban clusters or volunteers guided by missionary zeal cooking for the hungry. Or even a police havildar reinforcing the ideals of faith and harmony in desperate people...

Share the living, inspiring and positive stories of these people with others. We invite you to do so!

Together, let us collaborate on a publishing project of true stories from around the country. The book will be published first as an eBook with paperback edition to follow. All selected authors will be given due credit in the book.

However, this project has a caveat. There will be no monetary gains but only names — as credit to those whose stories are selected. All royalty earnings will be donated to the PM Cares Fund; a matching amount will be contributed by Orient.

We invite you and other like-minded people to contribute to this forthcoming book. Help us spread the word amongst all your friends, acquaintances and relatives. Let us come together to create and publish a volume that will be worthy of the cause. A volume that people world-over would want to read.

The more people read, the higher the contribution. #PenToFightCovid

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Submission deadlines: May 30, 2020