Tough Times Never Last, But Tough People Do! - Book Published by Orient Paperbacks

Tough Times Never Last, But Tough People Do!

Robert H Schuller
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When you have exhausted all possibilities, remember this: You haven't!

In the final analysis, the tough people who survive do so because they have learnt to react positively to their predicament. They don't give up. They manage their problems creatively and constructively - and succeed. Tough people think positively. Positive thinking will always get positive support, says Dr. Robert Schuller, the originator of the philosophy of 'Possibility Thinking.' It is an exercise in dynamic and creative imagination. It provokes you to dream. It inspires you to execute your dreams and to succeed.

In this international bestseller Robert Schuller shares his philosophy of ‘Possibility Thinking' and translates it into an action plan for success. With living examples, he shows how it can be applied to overcome and to win even the seemingly 'no-win' situations.

The author, Dr. Robert Schuller, is widely regarded as the obvious successor to Norman Vincent Peale. His television program 'The Hour of Power' is one of the most widely viewed programs in US TV history. He has written sixteen books, and this one hit The New York Times bestseller list at the same time as his other book, ‘Tough Minded Faith For Tenderhearted People' creating publishing history.