Rich! The New Power Laws of Personal Finance - Book Published by Orient Paperbacks

Rich! The New Power Laws of Personal Finance

Ashu Dutt
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How to Grow Rich in a New, Disruptive Age.

A new, disruptive age is upon us. Times have changed. Life has changed. Job profiles have changed. Job security has changed. Aspirations have changed. Marriage and personal lifestyles have changed, though like lemmings to destruction charging, most of us continue to behave as if nothing has changed.

To grow and protect your money now, you need to master the new realities of personal finance:

  • Don't focus on saving, focus on increasing your income.
  • Get a second income.
  • If your children are good, why save for them, if they are bad, why save for them.
  • Preserve what you have; this may not sound trendy but it’s vital.
  • Take up jobs where income can multiply exponentially.
  • You may be the biggest risk to your personal finance.
  • Postpone getting married and buying a house.
  • Don't screw up your early years.
  • Plan for being out of a job often.
  • You must educate yourself on how investing works.
  • Diversification is not what you think it is.
  • Higher return doesn’t necessarily entail higher risk.
  • Grow your network and you will grow your money.
  • Timing is everything in investing.
  • Don't tell anyone everything about your money.
The next 10 years will be nothing like the previous 10. To grow rich, and stay rich, you need to master the new power laws of personal finance revealed in this book.