Indian Mutual Funds Handbook (5th Edition) - Book Published by Orient Paperbacks

Indian Mutual Funds Handbook (5th Edition)

Sundar Sankaran
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Like in the US and Japan, mutual funds are becoming an indispensable investment avenue for Indian investors.

This comprehensive handbook by an expert lays out the working of Indian mutual funds, their operational and regulatory mechanisms, the advantages and limitations of investing in them along with sensible approaches to personal financial planning. The author’s experience of handling hundreds of training programmes ensures an engaging and easy to understand approach to mastering the subject.


  • Benefits of investing in mutual funds; how they compare with other investment avenues.
  • The different types of equity, debt, balanced and liquid schemes available for investment — and the rewards and risks each one entails.
  • NAV — what it reveals, its calculation and finer nuances.
  • The costs of investing in mutual funds — loads, expenses and management fee.
  • Investing in gold, real-estate and art through mutual funds.
  • The safety net of mutual fund investing — information disclosure and investor protection stipulated by SEBI.
  • Smart Beta and performance attribution.
  • New in 5th Edition — SEBI's new mutual fund categories.

"I recommend this book to everyone who wants to make informed investment decisions." — Shekhar Sathe, Kotak Mahindra

"A comprehensive guide to the world of Indian mutual funds." — The Economic Times