Healing Power of Garlic - Book Published by Orient Paperbacks

Healing Power of Garlic

Paul Bergner
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Garlic has been prized by human beings ever since the first records of civilization. Remains of garlic have been found in caves inhabited more than ten thousand years ago, and it is mentioned in the earliest medical records of each major civilization. Garlic has moved from nation to nation with invading armies, and rebellions have been fought over it. The pyramids might not even have been completed without it.

  • Prevent Cancer
  • Reverse High Blood Pressure
  • Overcoming Fatigue
  • Lower Cholesterol
  • Boost your Immune System
  • Resist Colds, Infections and Flus
  • Garlic as Antibiotic
  • Asthma
  • Arthritis

From prehistory to the present, garlic has been a treasure of humanity, both as a food and as a medicine, and today even the scientific establishment, has endorsed it as a medicine for a variety of serious illness.

Garlic as Medicine — the Scientific Proof
1949: German scientists establish that allicin in garlic inhibits tumours. Subsequent studies in 1963 and 1984 confirm this.
1982: Garlic reduces stress and fatigue, improves energy levels, and acts as a tonic. — Research at Tokyo University Medical School
1990: Garlic reduces the risk of atherosclerosis and is likely to prevent a second heart attack. — 1st World Congress on Health Significance of Garlic, Washington DC, USA
1994: Garlic lowers blood cholesterol by inhibiting oxidation of cholesterol, thins the blood and lowers high blood pressure. — Dr. C Silagy & Dr. Andrew Neil, Oxford University.


"Garlic is a veritable pharmacopeia. That's why garlic has been found in every medical book of every culture ever. For thousands of years, garlic has been used for the treatment and prevention of disease. So there has to be something about garlic." — Dr. Herbert Pierson, U.S National Cancer Institute

"Well written and well presented... the book does justice." — The Hindu