World's Most Amazing Puzzles

World's Most Amazing Puzzles

Charles Barry Townsend
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Try these brain-baffling classics! Nearly 100 of the world's most amazing puzzles will test your logic skills with scrambled letters, twisted logic, muddled mazes, domino piles, and much much more!

Challenge your puzzle-solving skills with the world's most amazing 'Astronomical', 'Party', and 'Gargoyle' puzzles. Try your hand at riddles dealing with heroes, bugs, gums, robots, barbers, knights, and more! From ancient Greece to a billiards hall in 1908, you'll travel through time and space to try and solve some of these incredibly difficult puzzles.

And if you solve the first ones, see how much more awaits you in these perplexing pages. Adding to the frenzy are cartons and drawings that dare you to stop after solving just one.

Book Details

Author: Charles Barry Townsend
Pages: 128
Format: Paperback
Language: English
ISBN-13: 9788122202045