Check Your IQ - Book Published by Orient Paperbacks

Check Your IQ

Ken Russell
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Measure your IQ — the index of intelligence relied upon by the academic world, the world of business and industry and accepted globally. Maybe you're Mensa material, maybe not — but this is fun.

Here you can play with 400 IQ questions which will test your brain power, providing a keen challenge to your powers of deduction. Spot the link between a series of digits. Solve the anagrams. Interpret the shapes and symbols. And also see how your general knowledge measures up. You can treat the questions like an exam, with eight formal programmes. Or just enjoy the exercises of getting to grips with the classic test of thinking around the corners.


Ken Russell is a London surveyor and is Puzzle Editor of the British Mensa Magazine, a magazine which is sent to its members monthly.

Philip Carter is a JP and an Estimator from Yorkshire. He is Puzzle Editor of Enigmasig, the monthly newsletter of the Mensa Puzzle Special Interest group.