Pair of Mustachios and Other Stories

Pair of Mustachios and Other Stories

Mulk Raj Anand
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'In Mulk Raj Anand we see a writer who has not lost touch with his people.' — Dr. Radha Rao in Indian Review of Books

'Anand is indeed adept in the art of spinning a yarn... he employs linguistic skills to effect an inner cohesion and give an organic whole to the story.' — Punjab Journal of English Studies, Guru Nanak Dev University

'The volume is remarkable for the variety of its inspiration... The virtues of a humorous appreciation of life's little ironies and a sympathetic understanding of its tragedies is conveyed with a truly poetic intensity.' — Manchester Guardian, U.K.


A Pair of Mustachios
The Maharaja and the Tortoise — Dedicated to Roger Burford
On the Border — Dedicated to Edward J O'Brien
A Rumour — Dedicated to Brajesh Singh of Kalakankar
The Liar — Dedicated to G Stuart Gelder
The Cobbler and the Machine — Dedicated to Arthur and Ara Calder Marshall
A Promoter of Quarrels — Dedicated to Balraj and Damyanti Sahni
Babu Bulaki Ram
The Informer

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Format: Paperback
Language: English
Extent: 110 pp