Man Whose Name Did Not Appear in the Census... and Other Stories - Book Published by Orient Paperbacks

Man Whose Name Did Not Appear in the Census and Other Stories

Mulk Raj Anand
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'The volume is remarkable for the variety of its inspiration...' — Manchester Guardian, UK

'Anand's picture is real, comprehensive, and subtle, and the shifts in moods, from farce to comedy, from pathos to tragedy, and from the realistic to the poetic, are remarkable.' — V S Pritchett, British Literary Critic

'Anand is indeed adept in the art of spinning a yarn.' — Punjab Journal of English Studies, Guru Nanak Dev University

'Anand is an excellent raconteur,... the stories have the power to charm.' — Weekend Review

Book Details
Format: Paperback
Language: English
Pages: 112

  • The Man Whose Name Did Not Appear in the Census — Dedicated to S A Dange
  • The Road — Dedicated to Keidrych Rhys and Lynette Roberts
  • The Bridegroom — Dedicated to Mushrif Haq
  • The Two Lady Rams — Dedicated to Maithild Nawiasky
  • The Prodigal Son — Dedicated to Arnold Rattenbury
  • The Thief — Dedicated to K A Abbas and Krishan Chander
  • A Village Idyll — Dedicated to Cedric Dover
  • Birth — Dedicated to Anais Nin
  • Little Flower — Dedicated to Peter Johnson
  • The Tractor and the Corn Goddess — Dedicated to Sharokh Sabavala

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