Lost Child and Other Stories - Book Published by Orient Paperbacks

Lost Child and Other Stories

Mulk Raj Anand
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'Anand's picture is real, comprehensive, and subtle, and the shifts in moods, from farce to comedy, from pathos to tragedy, and from the realistic to the poetic, are remarkable.' — V S Pritchett, British Literary Critic

'Anand is indeed adept in the art of spinning a yarn.' — Punjab Journal of English Studies, Guru Nanak Dev University

Book Details
Format: Paperback

Language: English
Pages: 120

  • The Lost Child — Dedicated to Frances Connery-Chappell
  • The Eternal Why — Dedicated to Frances Connery-Chappell
  • The Conqueror — Dedicated to Frances Connery-Chappell
  • The Barber's Trade Union — Dedicated to John Lehmann
  • Duty
  • A Confession
  • Lullaby — Dedicated to Iqbal Singh
  • The Terrorist — Dedicated to Robert Herring and Oswell Blakeston
  • The Interview — Dedicated to Trilochan Singh and Saeed Hassan
  • Lottery — Dedicated to Stefan
  • Mahadev ad Parvati — Dedicated to Dr. H K Handoo
  • Eagles and Pigeons