Land of Five Rivers - Book Published by Orient Paperbacks

Land of Five Rivers

Khushwant Singh
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Heart warming stories reflecting the rich vibrancy and diversity of Punjabi writing selected and translated by Khushwant Singh.

Ajeet Caur: Happy New Year
Amrita Pritam: Stench of Kerosene
Balwant Gargi: A Hundred Mile Race
Balwant Singh: Soorma Singh
Gulzar Singh Sandhu: Gods on Trial
Gurumukh Singh Jeet: The Blind Alley
Kartar Singh Duggal: The Night of the Full Moon
Khushwant Singh: A Punjab Pastorale
Khwaja Ahmed Abbas: The Death of Shaikh Burhanuddin
Krishan Chander: Tai Eesree
Krishen Singh Dhodi: Hunger
Kulwant Singh Virk: Strange New World
Rajinder Singh Bedi: Lajwanti
Saadat Hasan Manto: Exchange of Lunatics
Santokh Singh Dhir: One Passenger, Ho!
Satindra Singh: The Mahabharata Retold
Upendra Nath Ashk: The Nuptial Bed
Usha Mahajan: Breaking Point
Yashpal: Saadat


Khushwant Singh was a raconteur par excellence. He ruled the literary pages with his narrative skills; his unerring ear for dialogue; his ability to create authentic, memorable characters; and his powerful evocation of time, mood and place.

Though his mother-tongue was Punjabi and he was culturally more aligned to Urdu, he chose to write in English but remained soaked in Punjabi, Urdu and European literature throughout his life. He was also equally prolific in translations. He read much, and translated much of what he enjoyed.