The Shamim Rahmani Case and Other Famous Trials - Book Published by Orient Paperbacks

The Shamim Rahmani Case and Other Famous Trials

K L Gauba
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This collection of famous trials makes a dramatic exposure of the brutal violence that lies simmering beneath the facade of normal behaviour. Shamim Rahmani thought of herself as a lover. Could She even suspect she would one day be a murderer? And what of the black and murky depths of the mind of the maniac killer Raman Raghav? K.L. Gauba holds us spellbound as he recounts these and other cases that have made these intriguing personalities famous.

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K.L. Gauba Bar-at-Law was educated in Cambridge and called to the Bar from the Middle Temple. He practised in Lahore till 1948, joined Bombay Bar Later, and practiced at the Supreme Court. He is a well-known author of over a dozen books.