Why Exercise?

“You have to exercise, or at some point you’ll just break down.” Barack Obama

  • Best way to improve your overall health is through cardiovascular fitness. The American Heart Association advises regular exercise for preventing cardiovascular diseases. This chronic disease of the heart and blood vessels is a major health problem in most parts of the world today, accounting for 50% of all deaths.
  • If you are concerned about losing a few kilos and looking good, exercising is for you. A study comparing living habits of obese and non-obese individuals during 3 months, proved that inactivity can be a main cause of overweight. Such studies have led many health experts to believe that slow weight gain most people experience with age (creeping obesity), is not due to increased food intake, but rather, to a reduction in physical activity.
  • Exercise helps to improve physical appearance. Men desire enlarged protruding muscles which represent strength and power. Women, on the other hand, are biologically unable to increase muscle bulk (which is fine with them), and exercise to improve muscle tone.
  • Just as food is needed for our bodies, achievement and reward are needed for healthy egos. Sometimes it is difficult to satisfy this ‘mental hunger’ within the confines of the domestic environment. Exercise and sports can provide a unique opportunity for finding achievement and reward.
  • Another way exercise improves mental fitness is by helping people cope with stress in their lives. Dr. Herbert de Vries, prof. of gerontology at the Univ. of Southern California, measured muscle tension at two different times in stress-affected adults: once, after ingestion of a common tranquilliser, and then, after a brisk 15-minute walk. Interestingly, there was no change in muscle tension after taking the pill, but the short walk produced a 23% reduction.
    A secondary epidemic of burnouts and stress-related absenteeism in the latter half of 2020 is likely with some 2.6 billion people around the world in some kind of lockdown due to Covid-19.

The secret way to exercise year-round is to find one sport that you really enjoy and will concentrate on; but then have two or three others you occasionally use for diversity. The important thing is that you EXERCISE — and above all, have fun!

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