Choose to BE-HAPPY!

  • If only I had that car... then I'd be satisfied!
  • If only I could find someone truly to love me... then I'd be happy!
  • If only I wasn't under so much financial stress... then I'd be content!
  • If only... If only...

All the "If only's" in the world — even if they all came true — still could not guarantee your happiness!

As we all have discovered at one time or another, cars, houses, jewellery, and other material gains don't bring happiness for long. These material gains do bring a certain joy but that is short-lived. Material gains will not bring long-term happiness. People who search for happiness in terms of money, real estate, possessions, or investment portfolios are always in for a rude awakening. Change in Attitude is the key to living a Happy Life.
A look at the World Happiness Report 2018 (an annual publication of United Nations) reveals Finland as the happiest country in the world with Norway, Denmark, Iceland, and Switzerland holding the next top positions. The World Happiness Report 2018 ranks 156 countries by their happiness levels. The findings were based on the following:
  • GDP per capita
  • healthy life expectancy
  • social support
  • freedom
  • trust, and
  • generosity

Even though UAE and Qatar topped the GDP per capita they don't feature as the happiest country in the world.

These findings only illustrate that countries with happiest citizens in the world do not weigh income or GDP per capita as THE reason for their happiness. Happiness is a set of attitudes. You can discover them, learn them and live them. You can choose to be happy!

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