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Religion & Spirituality

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  • R K Narayan (आर के नारायण)
    Rs 250.00

    Here is R.K. Narayan's delightful selection of stories from lndia's vast treasure-house of myths and legends handed down through the ages. Drawing his stories from The Ramayana, The Mahabharata and other great Indian epics, Narayan tells the tales ...
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  • Arvind Sharma
    Rs 225.00

    Spirituality is often viewed as something mysterious and esoteric - and Hindu spirituality even more so. Equally, it is often confused with religion and religious practices. But the central claim of spirituality is really quite simple: that our ...
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  • Mahatma Gandhi (महात्मा गाँधी)
    Rs 195.00

    A critical interpretation of the oldest living tradition by one of the greatest thinker-philosophers of the twentieth century.

    Gandhi was not a scholar of Hindu religion, and did not consider himself fit to interpret Hinduism except through ...
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  • Dr. S Radhakrishnan (डॉ. सर्वेपल्लि राधाकृष्णन)
    Rs 240.00

    Thematic essays which brilliantly trace the evolution and development of the pluralistic Indian religious tradition.

    In the words of Dr. Radhakrishnan, 'The fundamental concepts of Indian religious thought reflects both God and man... religion is a life ...
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  • Swami Dayananda
    Rs 145.00

    We spend all our lives in the pursuit of varied pleasures, wealth and fame expecting these will give us total fulfilment. Yet, each moment of joy is only that: momentary, showing up the rest of our lives to ...
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  • R K Narayan (आर के नारायण)
    Rs 250.00

    The great Indian epic The Mahabharata is at least 3,500 years old. In its original in the Sanskrit language it runs to one hundred thousand stanzas in verse - by far the longest of the world's epics. Also, ...
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